Easter for so many in the Christian Faith is bustling and even more stressful than Christmas. On Saturday we partnered with Groove City Inc to provide food, drinks and support for the Annual Easter Egg hunt. Just look at the faces in these pictures and realize God will use you if you simply say yes! The reward PRICELESS.  Proud to partner with Groove City Inc on the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Mowbry and Greenwood Ave district in Cambridge.

What an incredible day in early April as we celebrate those who serve so faithfully in the Dorchester County Public School System. We had the privilege to provide lunch for over 350 staff members from four of our area schools. With the help of 15 volunteers and Catering by Jamie, we were to bless and be blessed by one of our key ministries to our community. Happy Easter to All!

Pastor Joe

From Pastor Joe

After 10 years of pastoring in mainstream ministry, I realized that the most effective way to reach people is based on the model shown in Ephesians 4:12: to train, equip, and empower people to advance the Kingdom of God. This, to me, is the recipe for building spiritual leaders.
My mission is to launch people into their purpose by uncovering their spiritual gifts, cultivating those gifts, and releasing them into their spheres of social and professional influence to touch hurting hearts.
After visiting our services, it’s my hope that you’ll begin to get a vision of your self worth and identity based on what God—not society—says about you. Once we learn our identity, a transformation takes place, and we see ourselves thru God’s eyes. That’s freedom.

Pastor Joe Kelly,
Executive Director, Bondservants

Living Water in our Community

It's better to give than receive.

Dr. Theresa Stafford, director of New Beginnings Youth & Family Services, and kids from Cambridge’s subsidized Greenwood apartments stock backpacks with school supplies for nearly 800 in-need Dorchester County school children. New Beginnings is a year-round enrichment program partially funded by Cambridge-based Living Water Ministry headed by Pastor Joe Kelly. New Beginnings provides low-income children in Dorchester County with exposure to cultural, educational, recreational, and career-focused field trips, including visits to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Maryland Science Center, and The United States Naval Academy.

An Evening of Music and Fellowship

Oh, what a night! On Friday, June 28, our friend John Kelly hosted a summer's evening of music and fellowship to introduce folks to all that we're doing at Living Water Ministry. The sunset over Leeds Creeks was as spectacular as the inspiring music of singer/songwriter Christopher Williams, who played on John's homemade bandstand. We thought we'd post the stories of hope that I and Devon Beck, Family & Student Liaison of Cambridge's Sandy Hill Element School, shared with the crowd. Peace! Pastor Joe Kelly

Sandy Hill Strategy: A Story of Transformation

In October 2017, we were presented with a unique proposal that radically changed the way we do ministry. The social worker for Sandy Hill Elementary School (SHES) approached one of our board members and asked if we would “adopt” the school. Without great thought or prayer, we agreed, not knowing what adoption meant or where the journey would take us. After meeting with the social worker, we realized the desperate need within this underserved and underprivileged community, and the only cure was radical love.
It has been a journey that has transformed the students, staff, teachers, administration, and all others involved.  For the past 18 months, we have learned what it means to love unconditionally, to give beyond our wildest dreams, and to be blessed with the knowledge that the radical obedience of a few can transform and bring hope to many.  For the first time in 19 years of ministry, we believe our organization has put into practice the heart of Jesus as described in Matthew 25:35:  “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” The simple act of obedience to this scripture has brought life and hope to SHES. Here are the main events in this journey:

Mission Trip to Columbia: 911 Ministries

In February 2018, my wife, Cindy, and I traveled with Global Awakening to Medellin, Columbia to minister alongside Tom and Jen Atwater. Eight years ago, this tremendous couple, along with their four children, left the comfort of American corporate world to start "911 Ministries," which serves the women and children abused and abandoned by the drug cartels and living in the most trying communities in Columbia. We've been partnering with Pastor Tom ever since. Here's his most recent update on his ministry's progress.